Bridget Childs

I have had the pleasure of booking Jeff on two separate occasions for his photography services and each time were beyond exceptional.
The first time was for a dog charity event that attracted more then 60 people with their pups! Jeff and his wonderful wife came with creative ideas and made each guest comfortable with each shot they captured. The results of the event were incredible and I had extremely happy guests at the event.

Because Jeff was so professional and worked in a timely manner I knew he would be perfect to capture my daughter's senior portraits. I asked Jeff if he would be willing to shoot downtown buffalo at her favorite spot the theater district, and the results are beyond amazing. Jeff was professional, fun, and flexible!
My daughter felt very comfortable and the results are stunning and our entire family is very pleased with her senior portraits. Jeff was able to provide my daughter with a very special and unique yearbook picture and we would highly recommend booking him for any senior portraits!
Thanks Jeff!